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Keeping Your Beer Cool – Something Easy for You

One of my main tips for traveling without spending too much money is to avoid bars. A single night in a bar anywhere in the world can easily become as expensive as a week (or more) of travel. It’s money that goes to the urinal. I like to have a drink, it’s a good way to get to know each other, but I try to avoid bars. I prefer to buy my beers in a supermarket and drink them on the beach, in the mountains, at the hotel, in the woods, in a field, anywhere but out of the bars – where you pay more for the place than for the drink.

But how do you ask, with all these kilometers, these hikes, these trips, are it possible to keep your drinks cool?

Beers cooling through evaporation

How it works?

When you sweat, it is not the water that is excreted that makes you cool. It is the liquid that use to evaporateover the surface of human skin, which lowers the temperature of your body. Water, sweatin this case, requires energy for evaporating: to do this, water uses heat on the surface of your body. This process lowers its temperature.

Apparently, this principle also works for slightly hot beers and other types of beverages. Simply wrap your bottles in wet toilet paper (or any other material that holds water but also allows evaporation) and wait for the water to evaporate a little. The more the paper is wet, the more your beer will be refreshed (since more water will have evaporated).

If you do not have a PQ on hand, you can also use a T-shirt, a sock (not too old, thank you hygiene), any piece of fabric. This solution has the advantage of being less harmful to the environment. Of course, if you have an entire pack to refresh, you will need a number of socks.

So, the next time your friends of one evening ask you how the bottles will be cool if they agree to come and drink with you on the top of a mountain, tell them not to worry: if you have a roll PQ, water, and a little while, you will have fresh beers. Of course you can have a better option with the Custom Stubby Holders also now.